Sunday, December 3, 2017

106 - When Retirement Comes Early Unexpectedly

106 - When Retirement
Comes Early Unexpectedly

For several weeks, I have not been able to concentrate and stay focus in whatever I was doing.

The reason is simple. Ever since news of my company where yours truly works launched a Mutual Separation Scheme (MSS) and Early Retirements Option (ERO) (more than a month ago) and it so happened I was one of those offered through the ERO package scheme, I had to wait anxiously for the official letter of offer to come.

What a big relief when finally late two weeks ago, the offer letter finally came and after going through the details, decided to sign and will be leaving the company by year end.

I considered myself quite lucky to be offered the ERO. I was due for retirement this first quarter of the year. But because the retirement age was revised to 60  from 55 under the Minimum Retirement Age Act in 2013, I had the luxurious option to continue to work or not to.

Believed it or not, a chunk of pressure is off my chest knowing I would be officially retiring by year end. No longer do I have to worry about waking up early or at times feeling the stress of being caught up in traffic jams. Nor do I have to constantly be making decisions after decisions during the course of my work.

Another plus point is finally I would be giving my rather problematic eyes some good rest after so many years of looking at computer the whole day during working time.

I say problematic because I went for cataract/glaucoma eyes surgery in 2014 (left eye) and 2015 (right eye). Even now, I have been faithfully cleaning my eyes with hot water every morning as instructed strictly by the eye doctor and then apply with eye drop of later to relax my sensitive eyes.

My blogs would also be taking an indefinite break as I wouldn't be able to pen my thoughts and have it done on the computer from the comfort of the big cushioning chair and user friendly table and computer ..... from my working place anymore.

Yes, you heard it right. All those blogs have been written when I have some spare time during my working hours.

As I looked back since the inception of the first blog on July 23, 2013, titled ; One Good Seng of Bursa Malaysia, I am extremely pleased with myself for being able to continuously come out with views and ideas during the last few years.

I sincerely hope most of you would have profited in your investments one way or another should my blogs played an influential role in it. But then again, we must learn to accept that no decision is always right forever.

Sometimes we might have sold off too early and regret to see that "sold-off" stock continues to rise further and further again. There were also times when we didn't take profits of between 10-20% when we had the chances and then consciously or unconsciously let it retreat into negative (like what had happened to most of my stocks in the Kassim's Basket of Defensive Stocks).

By then, it is crystal clear that except for Chin Well and Harrisons that stay in positive zone, the rest are in negative zone.

This again proved that winning from the stock market is never easy even for someone who has great passion in studying companies and their businesses and read a lot on investment.

Least but not last, I hope you as my readers would benefits from my views and ideas all those years. I thank each one of you for being with me all these years.

Take great care of yourself especially our health as it is even more important than our wealth. You can be for sure I would be having plenty of time to take great care of myself with more morning exercises and regularly consuming more fruits and vegetables daily.

Of course in between, I would still be paying attention to stocks market as well.

Good luck to each one of you.


  1. Congratulations for the offer. Wishing you a happy and peacefull life in future.

    meanwhile, hope if you can highlight some good food/ consumers stock as i intend to keep some for my kids. thanks advance. Cheers.

  2. Mind sharing whats the package like?

  3. Maybe u can write on how you decided to take the MSS..
    5 more years left for work till 60yrs old.. vs what u will receive from the MSS..